Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rachel Stevens - Nothing Good About This Goodbye  

So, the best British album of the year so far has been released, and unsurprisingly it's currently (narrowly) missing the top 20. Of course the lack of success has absolutely no correlation with how good it is, and to prove that here is one of the best tracks and also one of the most controversial. This song was written by the singer Alexis Strum (known for her recent single Bad Haircut and her brilliant column on Popjustice) with pop genii Xenomania. Alexis never released her version but it was leaked on the Internet several months before Rachel's and it was generally believed to be a masterpiece of quirky modern pop. As expected, Rachel brings the song back towards the core of pop music, the shiny, smiley side, and views on her take on it have been very mixed. Some have hated it, others even prefer it to the original. Personally I love both, as they are excellent in their different ways. It's definitely Alexis' best song and also one of Rachel's best. I'm posting the Rachel version because I want to persuade you to buy the album, but do get hold of Alexis' as well if you can, if only for the interesting comparison.

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