Thursday, October 06, 2005

Freestylers - Push Up (updated with extra ace intro!)  

Apologies again for my recent lack of posts - I should have broadband back tomorrow, but considering I was expecting to have it weeks ago I won't be at all surprised if it doesn't happen. Here is a yousendit to keep you going. This was released as a single last year and I expected it to be an enormous hit, yet it missed the top 20 in the UK (although it had more success in Australia and Belgium). It's a brilliantly fun and sexy song (don't be put off by the ugly blokes who made it - the picture to the right could not be more misleading if it tried, but it's all I could find), with fab lyrics and sound effects. I can't help dancing in my seat. Freestylers are a British dance act who've released several singles, 2 albums (plus a remix album and a live album) and apparently have even sold a million records somewhere. However, this is their only mainstream pop single, and the other songs I've heard have been nowhere near as ace, so I guess this was their one-off great moment.

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