Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dee C Lee - See The Day  

So, this is the song that the Aloud girls are covering for Christmas. It turns out to be rather lovely - a soulful balald reminiscent of Diana Ross, yet it sounds nothing like Christmas and even less like Girls Aloud! Still, it's a much better choice than Wicked Game by Chris Isaak which they were at one point planning to cover, but luckily they changed their minds just in time and released the much acer Long Hot Summer. I know some GA fans are not so keen on LHS but would they seriously have preferred Wicked Game? I really hope not! Info on Dee herself is more than scarce, but I have discovered that sang backing vocals for Wham and the Style Council, has dated Paul Weller, and is actually called Diane Sealey, so clearly had some influence on KT Tunstall.

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