Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lovebites - Your Broke My Heart  

Now that the Faders are well & truly finished, it's the Lovebites turn to attempt to become the female Busted. After first seeing a photo of them, I was dubious. They're certainly not as glamorous and professional looking as Girls Aloud, but looking at the other successful girl groups of the past few years, this may, surprisingly, be more of a help than a hinderance. The Spice Girls are the main example - when they started they were anything but polished, but they were real. Not real in a "from the streets" way, just ordinary, fun-loving young girls. Busted had the same vibe, and I've always thought this was the key to their success. You Broke My Heart isn't technically as good a song as No Sleep Tonight. The lyrics are rubbish, but realistic - they're just what any teenage girl would write, and I think this will appeal more to girls than the beautiful, slim, designer-clothed, outwardly perfect female pop stars who are often submitted to the teen market. Perhaps even boys too in the same way that Busted appealed to girls - these are the kind of girls that teenage boys would love to date, because they're clearly up for a laugh and quite attainable. I don't know if I personally will ever be a huge fan - it really depends on the standard of the rest of their music, because my patience with British rocky pop music is generally limited, but I do think they have a chance of being huge. We'll just have to wait and see!

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