Sunday, September 25, 2005

Darren Hayes - So Beautiful  

As you may have noticed my posts have not been too regular recently, due to my moving house and ending up with no broadband for the past few weeks, meaning I couldn't upload any songs. It took a while but I have managed to upload this, the brand new single by Darren Hayes (out 31st October - Hallowe'en!), although it's just a yousendit. The song is one of two brand new tracks on the forthcoming Savage Garden greatest hits album (out 7th November), and was produced by one of the producers behind 2 of my favourite albums of the past 2 years, whose belonging to Gavin Degraw and Maroon 5. The song is, as always with Darren's ballads, absolutely lovely. On the first lesson I thought it was nice, but on the second I loved it and it's been implanted in my brain ever since. Of Darren's other songs it most reminds me of Like It Or Not from Spin, which is a lovely song already but this is even better. It would be nice if it was a big hit but as usual with the bands I post here who are releasing in the UK, you can never count on it. However, I do think the greatest hits album is going to do very well and I look forward to any publicity that Darren does to promote the single and the album. I'd love if it did so well they decided to reform!

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