Monday, August 15, 2005

The Veronicas - 4ever  

Forget Since U Been Gone - this is how high energy girl rock should sound in 2005! It is instantly extremely catchy with the perfect blend of the jaunty lightness of pop music and enough of a "rock edge" to make them cool. They are a duo, rather than the usual 4-piece band, and actually rather resemble the '90s Australian pop duo Sister 2 Sister! With loose ties, sweatbands and sew-on patches on their jackets, of course. In fact they even are Australian (and twin sisters), so I'm starting to wonder if they're actually Sister 2 Sister trying to make a comeback unnoticed. Gotcha! The music is not really original (but who cares about that anyway - being ace is far more important!), but it is definitely my favourite song of this type released recently.

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