Saturday, August 27, 2005

Top 10 Holiday Hits - 5. Amy Diamond - Welcome To The City  

Back on with the holiday hits, and it's time for a girl who is younger than Jojo or any of S Club 8 but in Sweden she is an even bigger star. Her 2 singles so far, this one, Welcome To The City, and her debut, What's In It For Me, are never off the radio and if you didn't know you'd never guess she's only 13 (born in 1992, by which time even I was starting school) from her mature voice and sound. The songs are poppy but the lyrics are grown up - it seems strange for Amy to be singing about experiences she most probably hasn't had but on the other hand, most popstars don't sing songs about themselves, especially if they don't write their own songs, and these are such brilliant pop songs that I don't think it matters. If it makes her a bad role model, then so is every other pop star who sings about their boyfriend being rubbish, and Welcome To The City is a much more general "my view on life" type of song. It also sounds like a much acer version of Moving by Supergrass!

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