Saturday, August 06, 2005

Kioki - Do & Don't For Love  

Here is a very lovely song. According to the British Hit Singles book, Kioki is a Japanese male vocalist, although the Internet suggests they are really a Dutch duo but the vocalist may still be Japanese. From the photo accompanying this post (it is a Japanese Kewpie doll who the Dutch guys claim to be the singer) you may be fooled into thinking this is a novelty single, but really it is a relaxed, summery pop song which makes excellent use of vocoders. It was not a big hit in the UK, only reaching no.66 in August '02, but there is an ace video to watch here. The song is so cute and absolutely perfect for sitting by the pool. If you're still to go on holiday this summer I suggest you put this on your mp3 player or a CD (or if you're more law abiding, buy it) and create that perfect blissful poolside moment.

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