Monday, August 08, 2005

The Click Five - Pop Princess  

As Green Day and Blink 182 get older, the pretenders to their shared punk-pop throne get younger, cuter and poppier. Hooray! The Click Five are the ultimate cross-breed of rock stylings (well, musical instruments) with utterly pop sounds. In fact, they even have their own name for it - "new school power pop" (I just hope that doesn't mean their ballads are gonna sound like Celine Dion). And now, a message to McFly: your plane tickets to America have been returned. They don't need you now. The Click Five have already reached the TRL top 10 and I'm sure they'll be going nowhere but up from there, at least until the next new band of cute young boys comes along. Now doesn't that sound familiar? This song was played whilst on tour with Ashlee Simpson (they have also toured with the BSBs, which certainly earns them my seal of approval!) so I like to imagine that it's about her although it could easily be Britney, Lindsay, Hilary or any of the other pop princesses. I have to admit that I am posting this as much for it's ace title and lyrics as the song itself, which as you may know is not really my usual taste. However, the song is really catchy and even if you don't like it I'm sure you'll agree that you can never have too many songs with the word "pop" in the title.

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