Sunday, August 07, 2005

Briskeby - Hey Baby  

Briskeby are a Norwegian female-fronted rock/pop group in the style of Garbage or rocky No Doubt. This is their first single, released in 2003. I first discovered them when browsing the Norwegian Universal web site for Lene Nystrom and Christian Ingebrigsten and while neither of those seem to be doing anything anymore, Briskeby have a new single out called Miss You Like Crazy. They are named after the quiet neighbourhood in Oslo where they used to rehearse. Their first album, Jeans For Onassis, sold 120,000 copies, which is quite impressive when you consider that Norway has only 4 million inhabitants. Singer Lise is particularly famous in Norway for her stylish look and their success has spread across Europe with appearances at many famous European rock festivals, including Roskilde and Rock Am Ring. Hey Baby is from their second album, Tonight Captain. Their website's bio seems indecisive about their sound, calling their style "modernistic and unique rock solid ice cold passion ambience" which could mean anything really but believe me when I say this is a great catchy, attitude-filled pop/rock song.

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