Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Andy Bell - Crazy  

I'm taking a quick half-time interval from my Top 10 Holiday Hits to pronounce Andy Bell (aka Mr Erasure) as the saviour of British pop! This, the first single from his forthcoming solo album, Electric Blue, is an incredible piece of addictive electro-pop. Unlike Goldfrapp, Kylie and many of the other great artists who make electro-pop, Andy does not concern himself with being sexy or sophisticated but simply concentrates on making a track that will send even the most cold-hearted indie fan racing to the dancefloor. Just you try and resist! It's released in the UK on 26th September, followed by the album (which features duets with Jake Shears and Claudia Brucken!) on 3rd October. Let's make it a huge hit, OK? We have a pop industry in need, and this could be the cure.

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