Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Thomilla feat. Ayak - Freaky Girl  

Any fans of Salt'n'Pepa, Neneh Cherry's girl-rap days or Basement Jaxx's Oh My Gosh must download this song right now, because it's your new favourite. If only this was how all rap music sounded, I would be a fan of the hip-hop genre. The singer on the track is called Ayak (and the lyrics tell me she is from South London) and Thomilla appears to be a fairly well-known DJ. The CD cover has a photo of a girl who may or may not be Ayak and the Thomilla web site has the video, which is rather excellent despite stealing a few ideas from Junior Jack and Uniting Nations (it's nowhere near that slutty though and the song is nothing like those 2), but I can't tell if the girl is the same. Thomilla released an album in Germany in 2004 called Freeze, which includes this track. The others don't feature Ayak but are still quite ace - more electro style than rap, which is no bad thing.

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