Monday, July 11, 2005

Grand Popo Football Club - Men Are Not Nice Guys  

This electro-pop duo are French and their sound is suitably sophisticated, but this song (which was their debut single in the UK in 2003) still manages to be catchy and fun, with great lyrics. There is plenty of female-fronted electro-pop music around at the moment but these songs are always popular, especially with me, so discovering a new band (although this song is taken from their 2000 album, fabulously titled Shampoo Victims, they are entirely new to me) who make this type of music with an emphasis on the pop is rather exciting. I'm not sure who the singer is as both the band members are male, despite one of them being called Ariel and having a fondness for pink cowboy boots. Those of you who know a bit about French TV may recognise him as the presenter of l'Appartement, which I believe is similar to Big Brother. I would specifically recommend this to fans of Annie and Bertine Zetlitz, but the chorus is almost Alcazar-esque, so really anyone with taste should like it!

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