Sunday, May 29, 2005

Robyn - Who's That Girl  

Continuing the theme of Swedish popstars and The Knife, here is Robyn's next single, which they produced and it's no suprise that it's absolutely fantastic. Robyn's new album is competing with Bodies Without Organs for my favourite (and the best Europop) album of the year so far, and they're going to be hard to beat because they are two of the strongest pop albums in recent years. Robyn manages to combine cool new directions of electro and hip-hop (both of which she does very well) with the pop style she is known for and the results are exciting and great fun. If you like this and want to hear more, visit Mr Fluxblog who has posted another of the songs from this album, Konichiwa Bitches. Although that one isn't a top favourite of mine it does have great lyrics and shows Robyn's versatility. Also, keep an eye on Stylus where my full review of the album will be up this week.

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