Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Jentina - Sneakers  

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Since the last Jentina song I posted went down rather well I thought I'd post another unreleased track of hers. When you search for "Jentina Sneakers" on Google, the second result you get is a Dirrrty Pop post from ages ago, so that's weird. Clearly I am her Internet fairy godmother without even realising. Sneakers isn't as good as Mysterious or French Kisses but it is still really quite ace. It was supposed to be on her album which in turn was supposed to be out last September, but of course it didn't happen for her and it now looks like it never will. Here's what Jentina had to say about the album: "It’s got a song called Sneakers, which is about sneakers." Wow, you heard it here first!

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