Sunday, May 01, 2005

Ch!pz - 1001 Nights  

Fans of Vengaboys and Aqua, rejoice, cos cheesy dance-pop music lives on in Ch!pz! They're a mixed girl/boy band, more on the level of Scooch or ATC than Steps or A*teens, but this song (a Dutch no.1 single from November 2004) is pretty ace nonetheless. The boys resemble Kevin from V and Alistair Griffin, the girls look like the Vengagirls, Kim and Denise. One of them is amusingly named Rach-L - perhaps she influenced KT Tunstall! There is also C!lla, Kev!n (who is sadly not the one who looks like Kevin V, although that would be a bit spooky) and the less imaginatively-named Peter.

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