Friday, April 29, 2005

Yasmeen - Blue Jeans  

Yasmeen proves that r'n'b is not always a dirty word, yet I can't say exactly what it is that makes this song succeed where so many fail. I think it's something about the attitude she conveys in her singing. So many female r'n'b singers come across as simply an accessory to male rappers, singing the hooks that sell their records. Yasmeen does have a rapper on her song, but if anything he is her accessory, and he matches her blue jeans very well! She's from Hawaii and this was her first single. She made an album but it wasn't even released in America, although you can buy it on import on Amazon, but I'm not totally sure where they're importing it from or if it would ever materialise, so it's probably best just to savour this ace catchy track.

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