Friday, April 08, 2005

Winta feat. Anton Gordon - Hot Romance (Rok With You)  

Most people would say without a moments thought that One True Voice were utterly rubbish, but I have to disagree. They were given awful songs and because the vote was split between people voting for the best voices or the 'cute' young ones, the winning five were completely mismatched, leaving them with no obvious musical direction. Of course this is no excuse for Matt and Jamie being entirely talentless and excruciating or Keith being plain dull, but there were 2 very talented singers in the band, namely Daniel and Anton. Sadly nothing has come of Daniel who was by far the best singer in Popstars : The Rivals (Nadine is so overrated) but Anton did appear on this track by Norwegian female singer Winta. It was never released in the UK but I do think if it had been it could have been a really big hit. It's far more than good enough. And if they had kept the male star's name a secret it would be highly hilarious when he was revealed!

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