Monday, April 25, 2005

Helen Love - Debbie Loves Joey  

This is one of the songs I and several other pop bloggers much better than me reviewed on this week's Stylus UK Singles Jukebox. I'd never heard it before, but as I stated very clearly in my review, it is seriously brilliant. "Getting pissed in the park...she's in love!" has to be the lyric of the year so far (and bear in mind this was the year that Charlotte Hatherley released Bastardo) and since I've now realised, to my embarrassment, that they are in fact a band and not just a girl called Helen, I must agree with Flum (aka Doug on the Stylus review) and call them "the lo-fi Girls Aloud", although there are only 3 of them. It's high praise but I think when you hear this song you will understand how much they deserve it, even if most of the usually very accurate pop reviewers didn't. You must all also visit her website (click the symbol below) which is rather deceptive in a very amusing way.

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