Saturday, April 16, 2005

Anouk - Girl  

I posted a song by Anouk a couple of weeks ago called Nobody's Wife, which was a raucous angsty thing but very ace with it, but she has so many ace songs that I needed to post another. There really is no female singer with this much girl power around today. Her voice is unusual but very likeable and works perfectly with the songs she sings. This is from her latest album and is certainly her poppiest, catchiest single yet and quite possibly my favourite. This is a version ripped off the radio but I think the male presenter at the beginning and end actually adds to the song's aceness, so I'm leaving him in. I challenge you not to be singing "girl! girl! girl!" at the top of your voice once you've heard this song. It also has a brilliant video which you can see here.

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