Thursday, March 31, 2005

Jentina - Mysterious  

This was supposed to be Jentina's next single and it's a huge shame that it never emerged because it's definitely her masterpiece. It has the fiesty girl-rap of Bad Ass Strippa but is much more in the vein of the cute, sexy and very cool follow-up French Kisses, yet this is a million times better than either of her single releases. It's improperly catchy with several different ace sections. I've had this mp3 for a few months and I still think it's utterly brilliant. I'm never bored of it. I love the unintelligible "something something seem pretty hot" bit, the "say what"s and the almost crunk-like middle 8. It sounds like a recipe for 'urban' disaster but somehow it's super duper ace! After hearing Bad Ass Stripper I never thought I'd be desperately wishing for an album by this girl but I am. Also, does anyone think she looks a lot like Mischa Barton on the French Kisses CD cover?

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