Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Elize - Automatic (I'm Talking To You)  

I downloaded this song mainly to find out if it was a Sarah Whatmore cover. It's not but if Sarah had released this instead she would certainly be a superstar by now. Elize is a new 22-year-old Dutch pop star and her style of music is a meeting of Kylie and A*Teens. What a combination, I hear you squeal with glee, and just wait til you hear it! It's hard to believe this isn't Swedish but the Dutch are very, very good at pop music when they want to be, as this song confirms. Automatic (currently no.1 at the Netherlands' top radio station) is Elize's second single, the follow-up to her very Dannii-esque debut Shake. You may also be interested to hear she worked with Aqua's producers on her album, but it is proper pop, not just novelty songs. She also bears a striking resemblance to one Cheryl Tweedy!

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