Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bertine Zetlitz - Ah-Ah  

If you agree that a combination of Annie and Gwen Stefani would be the perfect pop star, then the chances are you'll love Bertine Zetlitz because she is exactly that. She, like Annie, has worked with Richard X and has named her fourth and current album Rollerskating, which is surely the cutest kitch name since Anniemal. Then listen to Ah-Ah, which is her new single in her home country of Norway (another Annie similarity), and watch some of her super-cool videos and you'll see and hear why I compare her to the acest woman on the other side of the Atlantic, Gwen Stefani. Ah-Ah would have been one of the best tracks on her already brilliant LAMB album and Gwen could take a few tips from Bertine for her clothing range of the same name. Fans of Sophie Ellis Bextor should seek out Bertine's first hit, Girl Like You, which sounds like Sophie would if she worked with Richard X (she really should!).

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