Saturday, March 12, 2005

B-Boys International ft. Paul M - One Step Closer  

This is one of the entrants to Sweden's Melodifestivalen (equivalent to Making Your Mind Up but a million times better - this is Sweden after all!) competition. It starts off and you think they're just an average slightly cheesy European rap group. Perhaps a pretender to Teddybears Sthlm's throne. Then in comes the chorus and it's straight out of A1's second album! Sadly the song stalled at the first round of Melodifestivalen (the final of which, rather excitingly, is tonight) but it's in the company of Bodies Without Organs and Jessica Folcker so you can hardly hold it against them! The main man behind B-Boys International is rapper Peter Thelenius, who had 17 hits with the Euro-dance group Basic Element in the '90s. Paul M is a singer roped in for the Melodifestivalen entry. This is their only release so far, but hopefully their Melodifestivalen failure won't mark the end of their career if only for amusement's sake.

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