Friday, February 18, 2005

Venke Knutson - Love Explains It All  

I have posted a song called Panic by Venke before, but it was quite a while ago so I shall re-introduce her. Venke Knutson lovely Norwegian singer-songwriter in her mid-twenties who used to be a teacher. She is often compared to Lene Marlin but she's much sweeter and lighter, so more accessible to pop kids like me. This is more of a ballad as opposed to the pop/rock sound of her first 2 singles, Panic and Scare, which I believe to be her biggest hit so far. She's not well known outside of Norway, perhaps because her songs aren't all that original or unusual, but her singing and her songs are both so utterly charming you can't fail to love them. She sounds like a more Earthy version of Annie and looks a bit like her too. Go to Sweden for the camp and endlessly fun Alcazars and Pay TVs of this world, but when you need something sweet and cheering, Norway seems to be the place to go. This song is quite solemn and reflective but also absolutely beautiful.

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