Monday, February 21, 2005

Smoke 2 Seven - Envy  

This girlband are known in my household as 'the Romanians'. They're not Romanian or at all Eastern-European as far as I know, but they're so weird-looking it was impossible to believe they could be English or in fact from this planet at all. Their names turned out to be Bev, Jo and Vikki. Definitely English. They also seemed to be stalking me, appearing at every pop gig I went to between 2002 and 03, but they did have this one brilliantly feisty 2nd single. Angry, threatening girl pop at it's best! If you like the rockier tracks by Lindsay Lohan you'll love this, cos it's kinda like that but a million times better. They also did a pretty good version of the song everyone from D-Side to MIA has sampled recently, Push It by Salt'n'Pepa.

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