Monday, February 28, 2005

Hanson - Get Up & Go  

If the film Harry & Max ever gets released and becomes everyone's all-time favourite, there are many reasons that this song should be on the soundtrack. Firstly, Max in the film is quite clearly based on Zac Hanson. The lyrics of the song could also be (mis)interpreted to fit very nicely with the 'brotherly love' storyline, particularly "Just a guy like you, and maybe just a, just a guy like me, maybe we could take a walk on the wild side". The only flaw in this otherwise brilliant theory being that my little foray in the world of Googling song lyrics reveals that they actually sing "Just a girl like you", but it sounds so much more like "guy" and it's still my favourite non-single song on Hanson's new album! However, Zac is looking more and more worryingly like my cousin. But even more worrying is why there is an extra horizontal Taylor in this photo. Perhaps he thought, now he's married, he'd better clone himself so the fans can still think they have a chance with him!

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