Friday, February 04, 2005

Ellie Campbell - Don't Want You Back  

Yorkshire girl Ellie released a few songs in the late 90s, but despite (or, looking at Pop! and One True Voice, possibly because of) Pete Waterman's involvement, the pop world took very little notice of her. They were all quite lacklustre and nothing special except this one which is one of the best examples of a late 90s, Scandinavian-produced pop anthem. It's along the same lines as Rewind by Precious or Before You Love Me by Alsou and I seem to remember J from Five made an appearance on her album. Ellie was last seen attempting to escape the dumper alongside her sisters and claiming the title of 2nd most successful girl group on the X Factor, but they failed to reach the final 5 groups leaving the repulsive Voices Without Soul as the only all-female group in the live finals.

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