Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dream - Pain  

Dream were quite possibly the least innovative girlband of all time but they made some very cute pop songs. They were best known for their mentor, P.Diddy (or whatever he's now called), and their debut single He Loves You Not. My favourite Dream song by far was this track, Pain, from their debut album which is very reminiscent of Robyn's Show Me Love. In the style of Cleopatra's Theme, this song boasts a very wishful thinking rap (well, talky bit!): "I'm going on tour and I'm about to blow up, you'll see me on TV and know you messed up, so remember the song and remember my name, it's Ashley from Dream and we'll change the game". Still, it's a very sweet mid-tempo pop song that had it been released in the late 90s would have been a bigger hit, but by the time Dream came out the rest of the American pop world had sadly moved on from the Swedish sound so their brand of cute pop was redundant.

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