Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bikini - Autograph  

About 5 years ago I went on holiday to Denmark and being the pop kid I was and of course still am, I had to see what the pop was like in Denmark. The only CD I could find that looked like something I'd enjoy was by this girl duo, Bikini. The whole CD was produced by E-Type who I hadn't heard of at the time but went on to create one of my favourite songs of last year. The music isn't Eurodance as the E-Type link would suggest, but the CD does have versions of his songs Do You Always and I'm Not Alone. Bikini are much more your typical 90s pop act, plenty of Max Martin imitations and this track, Autograph, caught my attention for it's likeness to the Ace Of Base sound. It's very catchy, energetic and sugary and it's always popping up in my head even when I haven't heard it for ages. Bikini are one of my favourite hidden pop treasures. If you click on the "buy CD" link below you can listen to clips of the rest of the album.

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