Thursday, January 27, 2005

Vacuum - I Breathe  

I'm sure you've heard about Rachel Stevens' exciting forthcoming single Negotiate With Love, but what you may not know is that Wollbeck and Lindblom, who co-wrote the new song along with someone interestingly named Nervo, have a band of their own named Vacuum. They are from the same stable as Alcazar and Bodies Without Organs and once boasted Army Of Lovers singer and the main man behind this fabulous music, Alexander Bard as a member. Vacuum have been around for over a decade, firstly as a producing team and then a group in their own right, and have released 5 albums. This is a track from their 1997 debut, The Plutonium Cathedral. Fans of any of the acts mentioned above will see the similarities in sound, and anyone who likes the slow songs on Alcazar's albums, for example the epic Tears Of A Clone, should give this a listen.

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