Monday, January 17, 2005

Morcheeba - Fear And Love  

I'm not usually into these chill-out, trip-hoppy songs, but I've always liked Skye's voice and although some of the songs are not my cup of tea at all, there are also some that I love. Rome Wasn't Built In A Day and the rather fun What's Your Name are two favourites, but 2003 album track Fear And Love is the one that grabbed my attention. It's a slow, simple song but the lyrics, melody and singing are all beautiful and very sad. The lyrics I particularly like are the first lines, "We always have a choice...at least I think we do", and the chorus, "Fear can stop you loving, love can stop your fear, fear can stop you loving, but it's not always that clear". I'm loving the Zainam from Cleopatra-inspired look in this photo as well!

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