Monday, January 31, 2005

Melody Club - Baby  

Swedish electro-pop stars Melody Club released one single, the brilliantly catchy Electric, in the UK in May 2004 (although it originally came out in Sweden in 2002) to little success, but they are fools if they don't try again with this excellent single. It was a hit in Sweden towards the end of 2004 as the second single from their latest album Face The Music with the best CD cover I've seen in a long time (see left). Baby sounds like the super-cute Swedish answer to Pulp. It's extremely catchy, incredibly sweet and generally magnificent. If this is what passes for rock music in Sweden (don't be put off - it really isn't!), it's no wonder their pop is so dazzling. Also worth a listen (or 50) is the previous single, Take Me Away with the "hey! hey! heeey!"s that refuse to leave your brain.

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