Monday, January 03, 2005

The Honeymoon - Truth Hurts  

I first heard of The Honeymoon when I saw them supporting Darren Hayes live on his recent UK tour. After the unsuitable (for his granny fans) DJ act he had on his previous tour I hadn't expected too much from The Honeymoon but they turned out to be a very pleasant surprise! They are a duo made up of an Icelandic girl named Thorunn Magnusdottir with a gorgeous voice and the strangely Sneddon-esque (despite being a semi-goth in the promo pictures) guitarist/songwriter and occasional singer Wayne Murray. They sang a few songs which I thought were lovely and then did a cover version of a favourite of mine, Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush. That got me hooked and I bought the album a few days later and was soon enjoying it very much. I was also pleased to see an excellent (as ever) review of their song Reconcile on Pop Text. The music is very pretty, with most songs balancing great emotion and gentle delicacy in a way that not many manage. Truth Hurts is one of the catchiest songs on the album and the one that I went away singing after seeing them live. Their "Customers who bought..." list on Amazon includes the Delays and Phoenix which is interesting as I like them both, but as much as I do think fans of theirs would like the Honeymoon I'd be more likely to compare them to The Cardigans or Everything But The Girl.

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