Friday, January 28, 2005

Heartless Crew - Why (Looking Back)  

This was one of those rare but excellent surprises where a band I'd paid no attention to suddenly came out with something rather ace. The Heartless Crew were pretenders to the So Solid throne in 2002 but failed miserably with just 1 top 30 hit. They released this single in 2003 and I caught it by accident one day flicking through music channels and stopping on Channel U (presumably standing for 'urban' - I can't say I watch it much normally!) to see who this group was. The song has several different sections with different vocalists, one of whom appears to be a young teenage girl in the video despite the rapper boy she's singing to being in his 20s for sure. Even a nice pop girl like me finds herself wanting to groove around in an urban way to this. If So Solid Crew could have a no.1 hit, why wasn't this huge? According to their website they're due to make a comeback this year, so I shall be sure to pay them more attention this time around.

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