Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hanson - I Will Come To You  

I wasn't a huge fan of Hanson when they were first around but I had their Middle Of Nowhere album and rather liked all of the singles, particularly this one which is to this day one of my favourite songs. I know many people think the sound of their early hits is annoying, but I really like the singing on this and it is a really lovely 90s pop ballad, on which they sound highly mature beyond their years. Their songwriting skills are immensely underappreciated. I'd list the good bits of this song but I'd just be reciting the entire thing. The "nanana"s and the "you WON'T have to to reach out for ME!" have to get a mention, though. It was their third and final (so far) top 5 hit, their three releases since missing even the top 10. Whether Penny & Me, which is out on Monday so Buy It! can fix that injustice will soon be seen, but it has already been no.1 on 'Boxtops'! Then again, so was Rosie Ribbons...

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