Sunday, January 30, 2005

Abs - 7 Ways  

What U Got was rubbish and Stop Sign caused his fans to annoy everyone by incessantly claiming that he was the original Justin Timberlake, but Abs still managed to make 2 excellent singles in Little Miss Perfect and 7 Ways. However, this doesn't mean we can stop hating him - the brilliance was all due to the fabulous female singers he employed to make the songs catchy and ace. This one was also produced by Xenomania, which always helps! The female singer is named 'Angel' on this cover, but Eve on the album sleeve and 'belongs' to Xenomania Records so I guess she is a session singer with them or something. I seem to remember her being French as well, or at least the way she sings makes her English words sound French. I particularly love the lyric, "a sugar-coated kiss and a lipstick mark, there are 7 ways of breaking my heart" and the sweet Annie-esque way she sings it.

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