Wednesday, August 04, 2004

K-otic - Hold On My Heart  

I gave you a song from K-otic's debut album a while ago and it went down quite well so seeing as I never miss an opportunity to share my love of this very ace Dutch group, here is one from their second. This is when Sita had left and was the first album to be released since I discovered them so it was a very exciting time for me - the height of my K-otic obsession. This track is probably the poppiest and catchiest song on the album, which is very varied in style as each member got a song of their own. They ranged from rocker Martijn's Scream And Bleed, which was surprisingly good considering it's name, to Rachel's version of Lonestar's country ballad Amazed, which was again suprisingly good considering the original. Interestingly, Hold On My Heart was written by Per Gessle from Roxette. It doesn't really sound like Roxette to me, though. See if you can recognise his influence. The album is going for an incredibly cheap E4.99 on the link below so now is a great time to buy it.

I have also re-uploaded the V track from a few weeks ago so if you missed that first time here's your second chance, you lucky thing!

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