Friday, August 27, 2004

Christian Walz - Wonderchild  

Hello! This is Jessica back from Sweden and this song was my favourite discovery from my holiday. I'd never heard of Christian before but the video was on Swedish youth channel ZTV several times and on the radio regularly, and I soon found myself singing it's catchy lyrics and tune. Christian sings quite high and his upbeat soulful songs sound like a poppier Maroon 5 or the kind of music I'd like to see Will singing in future. The most similar artist I can think of is Thicke, who's excellent When I Get You Alone I posted here a few months ago, or you might know him as the writer of Will Young's excellent song Very Kind. Paint By Numbers is 24-year-old Christian's second album (the first was 4 years ago) and he impressively produced most of it himself.

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