Sunday, August 22, 2004

An Apology From Greg  

Hello, This is Greg. I have to apologise. My computer has very inconsiderately gone and caught itself a virus. Which is a bitch. As a result I have to use public computers (eww) to go about my interneting. And as a result, I cannot post any top-class 'choons'. My computer will not be returning from hospital til Tuesday at the earliest by which time Jessica will be bakc. In short - I'm a rubbish stand in.

I'm dead gutted, I ahd some Lolly, Katie Melua, Busted and Avril Lavinge songs ready and waiting to post (no really). I was also going to post WInta - 'Hot Romance' but I guess that's gone to shit too. AND in the whole virusy thign, I'll probably lose my whole mp3 collection. I know, It's such a tragedy.

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