Friday, May 28, 2004

Venke Knutson - Panic  

This girl is following the rule that all Norwegians' names must include the letters k, u and t in that order - Kurt Nilsen, Knut Anders (Eurovision). Whether she is knuts or not, this is a fabulous pop/rock song and I love her voice. The lyrics are quite angry, but there's a really cute but where she sings in quite a high voice, "You are, you are, you're just a fallen star" and she sounds a bit like my favourite Dutch girl, Sita. It was out in 2003 in Norway and was Venke's debut single. What interested me about her first was the fact she's worked with Erik Faber, Norway's answer to Ben Jelen (but often better) and she does actually sound just like a female version of Erik would, so if you like this you should give him a listen too.

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