Thursday, May 13, 2004

Robyn - Don't Stop The Music  

You'll probably remember Robyn for her late 90s hit Show Me Love - and who could forget that piece of absolute aceness? She also had smaller UK hits with Do You Know (What It Takes) and Do You Really Want Me, but has not been heard of here since. The story in Europe and particularly her home country of Sweden is entirely different as she is still one of the top pop acts, releasing excellent tracks like this. Don't Stop The Music is the kind of song that today's pop acts need to be releasing and has already been covered by serial song stealing girl-band Play. I am always changing my mind on the best track from Robyn's album of the same name - Blow My Mind and Still Your Girl are two of the best. Click here to purchase the album for just E11.90 (£8.02) inc. postage.

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