Monday, November 28, 2005

Sara Paxton - Here We Go Again  

As predicted, the Lilyjets song has grown on me loads since I posted it, and here's another teenage girl pop-rock song that I've been enjoying recently. As far as I know, Max Martin had nothing to do with it, but the style fits in well with that of the new wave of pop-rockers he has been working with. Sara is an actress who has starred in films such as 2004's Sleepover, and now she's turning to music with this as her debut single. She has also duetted with J-Mac aka Jesse McCartney, ex-member of the worst boyband of all time, Dream Street, who is now a fairly popular singer in America in his own right. On Sara's website you can listen to a few more songs from her forthcoming album, The Ups And Downs, and they sound quite promising although pretty similar to Here We Go Again. This is no bad thing, though, cos the songs are all catchy and ace. Since she's only 17 (a few months younger than me!), she may well be giving Hilary and Lindsay a run for their money in 2006!

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